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Discover Purpose and Hope: A Journey with the King of Glory!

February 20, 2024, 10:00 AM

Life can be tough, and sometimes it feels like God hasn't handed you a special revelation. But here's the truth – you have a purpose, and there's profound significance in every step of your journey. Join us at Pipeline Church as we explore the hope that transcends discouragement and leads us to the King of Glory.

🌈 "Finding Hope in the Journey" 🌈


Life's challenges can be disheartening, no matter your age or circumstance. Yet, there's a purpose for your existence, a divine plan that intertwines with what God has done in your life. Whether you're 5, 55, or 95, you are not overlooked; God can still use you in remarkable ways. We've shared stories of transformation, and today, we focus on the eternal hope awaiting each of us.

"Maybe God hasn't given you a special word or something incredible, but sometimes in life its just easy to get discouraged isn't it? There is a purpose for why we're here and there is a purpose of what God has done in our life. It doesn't matter if your age, God can still use you as we've talked about in the past. But the end result is eternity with Him. And there is hope amidst the sorrow. The path we're on today leads us to the King of Glory."

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