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Elevate Your Spiritual Journey!

February 11, 2024, 12:00 AM

Embark on a transformative adventure with our latest Reel! At Pipeline Church, we believe in a God who doesn't give up on us – where second chances are not just welcomed but celebrated! 🙌

"Do-Overs with God"

Have you ever felt stuck in the same spiritual place for years? It's time for a change! Join us on this Reel as we explore the beauty of second chances in our relationship with God. You can't flunk with Him; in fact, He invites us to countless do-overs!

"You can't flunk your relationship with Jesus. You can have a lot of do-overs. The problem is some of us have been stuck in the same place spiritually for the last 20 years. We haven't allowed God to move us to that next level, he makes us uncomfortable so that we will begin listening to his voice so he can take us to a new place in him."

Click to discover how you can break free from the status quo and allow God to lead you to the next level of your faith. It's time to move beyond the familiar and embrace the extraordinary!